Welding Machine Main Parts

Main components of the welding machine is a step-down transformer, secondary coils are welded at both ends of the workpiece and electrode work ignition arc, high temperatures will be in the arc welding an electrode to workpiece gap. Due to the welding transformer iron core has its own characteristics, it has a sharp decline in voltage characteristic, namely, electrode ignition voltage drop after; adhesion of electrode is short-circuited, voltage is dropped sharply. When the welding operation, although the current in the circuit equal everywhere, but due to different degrees of resistance, not fixed contact resistance maximum (this resistance is called the contact resistance), based on the thermal effects of the current law (also called Joule's law), that is, Q=IR. T: the currents equal, high fever is the resistance of the parts, welding, the electrode contact is the contact resistance of the metal body of the largest, most electric naturally produced in this region, combined with the electrode is an alloy of low melting point, naturally easy to melt. Melting of alloy welding core bonded on the object to be welded, cooling after welding to bond together.