Welding Machine Assistive

Assistive devices edited mechanical welding equipment include preventing operators from being welding arc or other welding energy ultraviolet, infrared glasses or other radiation damage to the eyes of gas welding, welders for arc welding to protect the eyes, face and neck mask, white coveralls, welder's gloves and feet, and so on. High efficiency energy-saving electric welding machine reflected in no-load energy saving and load two aspects of energy conservation. No-load welding machine can be the primary circuit, fans were involved in the stop State, no-load power consumption of only a few Watts electric welding machine load of higher efficiency than the thyristor rectifier welding machines. According to the statistics, 2008 DC welding machine the welding industry's demand of 890,000 units, if used welding machine, direct savings of 43,000 tons of copper, 64,000 tons of steel, electricity 680 million KW.H, indirectly saving 566,500 tons of coal, 10.34 million tons of water, reduce CO2 emissions 1.1445 million tons. Thus, promoting welding machine with enormous economic and social benefits.