Renewable Energy Applications Blessing IGBT Market Prospects For The Future

According to the latest report of the market research firm Yole's, IGBT electric car / powered hybrid cars (EV / HEV), renewable energy (RenewableEnergies), motor drive (MotorDrive), UPS power systems (UPS) and application traffic on is that the market the growing power source. IGBT market in 2011 and 2012 after a few abnormalities fall, Yole analysts expect this year the market has returned to a stable pace of growth, in particular, the market forecast this year from $ 3.6 billion in five years to reach $ 6 billion. In Yole report analysis is the most widely IGBT motor drive applications, divided into industrial, commercial and residential applications, motor drive market growth is driven by IGBT maximum power. Wind, solar and other renewable energy market growth is IGBT helper; however, these two industries will largely depend on government subsidies or investment, difficult to predict its growth trend correctly. Fortunately, Japan and emerging countries to pay more for wind and solar energy driven off aid growth, may make up about slowing growth in Europe. Based on the energy efficiency requirements, public transport and two uninterruptible power system infrastructure for the use of the IGBT is driven by the market power. The Yole also pointed out that from the first quarter of 2013 EV / HEV market quarterly reports and the institution of EV / HEV control technology evolution, estimated IGBT will inevitably occur in the application of the growth of EV / HEV, but can not accurately determine the growth rate and timetable.

IGBT market size forecast

In addition to these six main growth engine, Yole's report also analyzes the trend of times applications, including home appliances Frequency (Inverterization) ── trend to achieve a more comfortable, more efficient and more energy efficient conditions, more and more home appliance motor drives with the drive, consumers are increasingly accustomed to using advanced home appliances, such as an electromagnetic induction cooker; this type of application is the new IGBT growing consumer electronics products can be accepted due to plateau.

2012 IGBT market decline by 25%, not so much a real crisis, as it is forced by the situation. 2012 power equipment market downturn, particularly in the IGBT worst, which is obtained from a variety of factors: First, the 2012 European governments tightened subsidies for renewable energy, wind turbines and solar installations gravity plummet; Second 2012 China slow down the speed of installation of wind turbines.

Its three 2012 Chinese high-speed railway train accident in production ordered a halt; Fourth, the fact that the global economic recovery is slower than expected fast, thereby affecting the consumer market to buy gas. Of course, we suffered the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, the system manufacturer to ensure supply orders, resulting in 2011 IGBT overcapacity; above factors, IGBT market in 2012 and early 2013, paid the price market decline.

Competition IGBT and other power components

From external attack pet market is facing competition IGBT, Yole's report also from the use of IGBT power components, observed that some evolution trend. In fact, IGBT drive field has never been so active too: there are many new companies have introduced better design flexibility and performance solutions; the company started some power stack (powerstacklevel) design. Yole has been observed that more and more companies will effort to bet on the power module package (powermodulepackaging) solution.

However, IGBT is not the only solution for the high-end electronic equipment, Yole observed SiCDevices volume production, GaNDevices also in trial production phase, IGBT applications gradually pushed to the middle and low-voltage products, SiC is responsible for handling HighVoltage products, GaN gradually transferred Lowvoltage product line.

Application of various power components


Renewable energy applications blessing IGBT market prospects for the future

Today, the demand for energy efficiency more than ever, IGBT is still in the stage of development and improvement: wafer thinner, more efficient production, functional integration ... and so on; therefore Yole representation, IGBT dying yet entered the market recession has not yet begun; in fact, IGBT, there are many opportunities!

The Yole also pointed out that, IGBT supply chain that is not stable, there are an increasing number of Asian companies have entered or intend to enter the IGBT market; one of the most positive direction to success is CSRTimesElectronics and BYD, both are facing Youzhiyitong vertically integrated production model. In addition foundries and fabless also targeting low-voltage, low-end products market development opportunities. As a first step approach, Asian companies will probably be mastered both the technology, focusing on the production of the desired product in the local market.

The rise of new China IGBT industry at the same time, the United States and European manufacturers are constantly changing; OnSemicondctor by Sanyo, AlphaandOmegaSemiconductor, IGBT is also trying to enter the market.