No Authoritative Classification In The Classification Of Welding Methods

Welding machine of classification also no a authority of classification method, following of classification main is to market Shang of industry uses to simple of classification: 1) industrial and mining enterprises main with of welding machine has: Exchange welder, and DC welding machine, and argon welder, and carbon dioxide protection welding machine, and on welding machine, and spot machine, and buried welder, and high frequency welding every machine, and Flash on welding machine, and pressure welding machine, and touch welding machine laser welding machine Exchange welding machine and DC welding machine (2) DC welding machine has II species: a is Exchange motor of based Xia added loaded rectifier original, also has a is DC generator. DC welding machine welding non-ferrous metals, cast iron. AC welding machine welding steel plate. (3) the argon arc welding, carbon dioxide-shielded welding machine, high-frequency every welding, Flash butt welding machines. Argon arc welding, carbon dioxide-shielded welding machine can weld 2MM sheet metal and nonferrous-metal layer. Major butt Flash welding machine objects such as copper and aluminum connectors, high frequency tube Mills every welder is welding steel pipe.