Portable DC Inverter IGBT MMA Welder With High Duty Cycle

Product Details


1).Anti-stick--allows you to easilly withdraw your electrode without damaging it in case of sticking

2).LIFT TIG function is available 

3).ARC force--increases the current in order to avoid the sticking when electrode enters in melted metal

4).Hot Start--increases the current at the beginning of the welding

5).Famous brand IGBT chips(made in Korea)

6).SMT technology which highly reduced the PCB board broken rate

7).Thermostatic,overvoltage,undervoltage,overcurrent protections

8).Usable electrodes:Rutile,basic,stainless steel,cast iron,etc.

9).Complete accessories--electrode holder,earth clamp with cable;mask and brush

10).High duty cycle, capable to working in a long time for industrial using



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