Inverter IGBT MIG TIG MMA 3 In 1 Welder(1kg wire spot)

Product Details


1.MIG TIG MMA 3 function in 1.

2.Easy to understand operator intertace . Set wire diameter then start welding .  

3.Digital control system , real-time digplay the welding parameters ; digital voltmeter and amp meters for easy viewing . 

4.Stick with adjustable Arc force ; Wave form control ; stable welding arc . 

5.Lift TIG with solenoid valve and adiustable down slope tlrne . 

6.Thermal overtoad , over voltage and over current protection automatically shuts down the power source to prevent high repair cost . ,Synergic control of the welding current and voltage . 

7.1kg spool size makes machine light and pertable . , 

8.Flux cored self-shielded .