Working principle of inverter air plasma cutting machine

Plasma plasma arc cutting machine is a high temperature, and high heat, melting metal by cutting, and molten metal in a high-speed air stream blown away. it on various metals (stainless steel, carbon steel, copper alloys, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium, etc) for cutting and high cutting speed, cutting a narrow, small deformation, to save material and so on.

Work principle air, ion cutting machine from structure Shang points main including: main loop, control loop and gas road three part. 1, and main loop including contact device KM, and three-phase transformer B1, and three-phase bridge type rectifier (by D1~D6, and C1~C6 composition), and high frequency oscillation device (by B2, and B4, and FP, and C12 composition). 2, and control loop by control transformer B3 and J1, and J2, and J3, and D7, and C11, and R3, components composition. 3, and gas road part by decompression and the electromagnetic valve DF composition.