Working principle and performance parameters of air plasma cutting machine

First, the generation and characteristics of plasma arc

Usually density ARC ARC density under natural conditions (without compression) of arc called free arcs free arc has fully ionized conductive gas, the temperature of the arc between 6,000 to 8,000. In the presence of air pressure, voltage and magnetic field, column free arc (the sectional area of the column is proportional to the power) can be compressed into a plasma arc, plasma conductive section and small energy. Almost all ion arc gases. ARC temperature can be as high as 15,000-30,000 ℃. Can make metal objects, such as rapid melting.

Second, the principle and application of air plasma cutting machine

Cutting, generally refers to the cutting of metal. Plasma arc cutting is using a very thin, high temperature plasma arc, a local metal melting rapidly, then use air blow away molten metal cutting. Plasma arc cutting with high cutting efficiency, low loss, wide application, such as shwh_yysl has been widely used in all kinds of construction, manufacturing and other industries.