Plasma cutting machine which parts need to clean

1. NC cutter power supply protective cover is the place where many enterprises in the cleaning and maintenance is easy to overlook, torch protective cover above the molten slag was not cleared in time, easily cutting block, Hua Yucheng CNC engineers recommended that you paint splash shield above the chemical coating, will help to reduce the accumulation of slag in the protection cover above.

2. the separatist and plasma cutter consumable any booty will seriously affect the function of the plasma system. Replacement of wearing parts, you want to place it on a clean cloth, and always check the torch connection thread, clean the electrode contact surface with hydrogen peroxide such clean and nozzle.

3. missing cleaning nozzle, choice of air or oxygen plasma gas, nozzles deposited oxides, the oxide affects cut air flow will lead to cutting machine cutting electrode wear large, reducing its service life. We recommend that you use a clean cloth to clean the inside of the nozzle can remove oxides.