Inverter Air plasma cutting machine operation points for attention

Before you adjust the air pressure at a time, so that when the pressure is normal arc and burn the nozzle.

Always check the nozzle aperture, such as the wear should be replaced immediately, so as not to affect the cut thickness and width.

Cutter outputs a high voltage Assembly electrode or nozzle when replacing the power supply must be close and wear protective gloves, and ensure the electrode and nozzle of the concentricity error is less than the nozzle diameter of the small hole 10%.

Cutting cannot be placed in the cutting of workpieces, so as not to burn.

Do not cut an airtight container, unless necessary measures are taken.

Cutting machine if used outdoors rain and wind-proof measures need to be taken. Rain canopy and windshields 200mm cutting machine at least four weeks or more, and cutting should be well ventilated.