Inverter Air plasma cutting machine

★ Starting air compressors, pressure enough after adjusting cutting machine behind the air filter handle to the desired pressure.

★ Open cutting machines power switch, the switch plate to check gas "test" position, when air from the torch out, once again adjust pressure reducing valve pressure LGK-40 pressure 0.35MPa,LGK-63 pressure 0.4MPa,LGK-100 pressure 0.5MPa, last checked gas switch back to "cut" position.

★ Welding torch switch, gas Jet, LGK-100 torch also has a strong spark-spewing sparks maintained 0.5-1S, releasing gases there should be a delay until after the torch switch (note the nozzle not on others).

★ ARC cutting, should begin at the edge of the workpiece arc met must start cutting in the middle of the workpiece, you should open a small hole, starting from the edge of the hole arc.