Introduction to principles of air plasma cutting machine

Plasma arc cutting is a new of material cutting method, it is to high temperature high-speed of plasma arc for heat to heating and melting was cutting material, dang arc of arc column and high-speed air through cut torch nozzle small hole Shi, makes arc by compression, heat concentrated degree improve, will was cutting material local melting, and while with high-speed air will melting of material blow go, and formed narrow incision.

I produced by LGK series air plasma cutting machine (hereinafter referred to as cutting machine) is in strict accordance with the national standard JB/T7438-94 air plasma arc cutting machine requirements of design and production. Only compressed air and three-phase power supply, no expensive gas, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium and other metal cutting operations, high cutting speed, narrow incisions, small deformation, material savings, low production costs and other characteristics, cover areas wider than oxy-acetylene.

Can be widely used in shipbuilding, motor vehicle, automobile, boiler, chemical equipment, pressure vessels, environmental protection, cleaning, kitchen equipment, such as production of sheet metal blanking and Assembly process.