Analysis of numerical control cutting machine manufacturing industry cluster competitive advantages behind

A grounded advantage

Roots from a sociological point of view, economic behavior to the attention of its social network. This is because, only embedded in social structures and networks of information and economic relations, economic activity in the real economy will be glad to accept. Rooted locally, is localized to form unique industrial atmosphere, also train numerous local entrepreneurs. Hubei CNC cutting machine manufacturing industry, precisely because of the embeddedness of advantages, there was a large number of excellent CNC cutting machine manufacturers, while a large number of local entrepreneurs.

Second, spatial agglomeration advantages

Agglomeration area filled with the cooperation of "air", new ideas, knowledge, information, technology and other enterprises in the area between the flow and spread particularly quickly. Geographical proximity of industrial linkages for knowledge innovation is of great importance. For example, cluster, if a company, if you are creating a new product, so soon this new model will be in the all enterprises within the cluster. Collision a spark of innovation for frequent communication and cooperation, promote sustainable development of the local production system.